With ‘Healthcare Leaders’ in the SDA Bocconi Managerial Training Program

What are the challenges of Public Leadership? How to support the development of leadership skills within public organizations and inspire with vision the future of the healthcare system?

A collective challenge, based on experience !

As often happens, the vision of Italian excellence anticipates the times, and the attention to the topic is also confirmed by the organization of the ‘Global Healthcare Week’ world congress held in the UAE. An event that brings together healthcare leaders from around the world to collaborate and shape the future of healthcare.
A practical example comes from SDA Bocconi in Milan.

What does it mean to train the entire top management, including heads of departments and directors, of one of the most important Italian hospital companies? Certainly, it requires vision from the involved hospital management combined with the unique skills, experience, and logistics of a university like SDA Bocconi.
In this challenge, I am honored to have brought, together with the team composed of Rosarita Gagliardi and Silvia Pozzi, some innovative tools and skills, realized in the form of team building, useful for healthcare professionals to develop their leadership.

Training is not only in the classroom but also through experiential training.

There are not many other leadership tools outside of one’s behavior. Therefore, leadership training should enable three things:
-(1) propose scientifically sound models consistent with the specificity of contexts to understand the functioning of organizational behavior;
-(2) train to interpret behaviors with broader and more inspiring keys to new relationship management strategies;
-(3) offer opportunities to challenge oneself and have the opportunity to observe and experiment in a guided manner.
It has been an extremely motivating and challenging experience for me as well, to engage with extraordinary professionals in a unique context, vision, and logistics like those of Bocconi University.

I thank, on behalf of the entire SDA Bocconi team and the hospital company, for their trust.

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