Seminars and Speech

by alessandro vergendo

Discovery, research and love for one's own work.

These are extraordinary motivational levers that reside in our human DNA.

With my motivational speeches and seminars, I guide the audience on an extraordinary journey to discover together how this is true and crucial for achieving our goals. I bring life testimonies, lived challenges, and the successes achieved through this work. I make them feel and deeply perceive it.

As human beings, we are constantly influenced by emotions and rationality. Emotions have a strong rational component, and these two systems must work together for personal well-being and to achieve our goals. Too often, we debate which one should prevail, forgetting that both components are our allies.

Our brain has evolved over millions and millions of years, and these characteristics are in our system, in our DNA. Our nervous system operates with precise dynamics: let’s rely on science and develop adequate self-awareness. This way, we will achieve peak performance, both in qualitative and quantitative terms

Deep Inside® - state of mind

The paths proposed in the Deep Inside® – state of mind methodology serve to make professionals autonomous by providing them with knowledge, tools and methods that they can practically apply in their experiences.

To open your mind you will have to open your heart; then you will be ready to achieve extraordinary goals!

Alessandro Vergendo

Seminars and speeches are moments of tremendous motivation, crucial for companies and managers. 

Getting passionate about what we do, loving discovery, and not fearing mistakes.

With a method.
In our work, we must have the mind of a scientist, in everything we do. Working systematically on executive functions, reward systems, relationships, and team dynamics means ‘neuropowering’ individuals and getting the best out of professionals and teams.
A leader should be concerned when they see people unhappy at work.

The companies of the future will be authentic communities of learning, professional and human growth.
Leaders must be generative (promoting relationship actions that stimulate insights, ideas, trust, motivation, networking, synergy), have the sensitivity and knowledge to act methodically within teams. Our companies will have a fundamental and revolutionary social role.
Working time is life’s time.
That’s why we have a responsibility to use it wisely and ensure that every person feels that it’s an extraordinary investment in themselves, regardless of their corporate position.

Alessandro with VEGA Consultancies LLC