the method

Effective, concrete, scientific

Well-being and empowerment of the individual and the team

Deep Inside® – State of Mind is a scientifically tested method that works on mental abilities and internal resources of individuals and organizations to achieve peak performance.

It’s a practical, simple, and effective methodology based on Facilitation skills and cognitive neuro-enhancement for human potential development and talent expression. It aims to facilitate the independent use of these tools and knowledge.

This working method is centered around well-being and empowerment, becoming ingrained in the DNA of professionals and organizations to facilitate a continuously evolving growth process.

Deep Inside® works on the dynamics between mind, brain, and body through breathing techniques and with the unique support of water. It employs innovative training techniques and activities applicable across the corporate and sports sectors, including protocols for neuroassessment and the use of neuroscientific instrumentation. Furthermore, in corporate team building and training for Olympic athletes, the program includes immersion and freediving training to expedite the expression of automatic response mechanisms adopted by individuals under stress, often unconsciously. This helps identify areas that can be enhanced through customized training.

My team

To provide a comprehensive service for enhancing existing skills, I rely on a team of professionals, each with specific expertise in the field of neurocognitive enhancement, research, psychological counseling, and collaboration with prestigious universities.


Assessment and Neuroassessment

Analysis using traditional assessment protocols and neuroassessment, where required, with neuroscientific instrumentation, to obtain an objective profiling of characteristics, potentialities, and areas for improvement.

The collected data stimulate greater self-awareness in the individuals involved and facilitate a self-regulatory response that influences relational, emotional, and cognitive dynamics. Additionally, they provide us with certain values and metrics to customize subsequent training protocols related to neurocognitive enhancement and mental skills


Tailored Training

Tailored training for the professionals involved. Neurocognitive enhancement, mental skills, and executive function development, emotional intelligence, and relational skills with a theoretical, practical, and experiential approach


Monitoring protocols

At various steps of the program and upon completion, monitoring protocols and neuroassessment are applied to objectively verify neurocognitive enhancement and the development of mental skills

professional intervention domains


 Emotional Empathy
 Cognitive Empathy
 Social Intelligence
 Managing Social Interactions
 Relationship Orientation


 Goal Orientation
 Reward Systems
 State of Activation
 Mental Imagery Techniques


 Cognitive Flexibility
 Strategic Planning
 Decision Making
 Concentration and Focus
 Problem Solving
 Judgment and Estimation
 Abstraction Ability
 Attention Regulation


 Posture and Nonverbal   communication
 Automatic Reactions

Team intervention domains

Neurocognitive Enhancement for Executive Function Expression
Neuroassessment for Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS) and Behavioral Activation System (BAS)
Neuroassessment for Evaluating Orientation to Innovation, Leadership, Relationship, and Objectives
Team Building and Team Training
Development of Emotional Intelligence and Social Brain
Neurofunctional Training in Digital Learning
Training in Hard and Soft Skills Necessary for Optimal Team Performance
Team building e training in team
Sviluppo dell’Intelligenza emotiva e social brain
Training neurofunzionali nel digital-learning 
Allenare le hard e soft skills necessarie per prestazioni ottimali nel lavoro di team

Relationship Management
Change Management
Conflict Management
Managerial and Leadership Competencies
Neurocognitive Empowerment (Manager & Age Management)
Potential Assessment and Integrated Protocols for Talent Expression and Growth
Assessment of the Decision-Making Process in the Company
Assessment of Interpersonal Interactions and Relationships
Teamwork and Potential Expression
Facilitation Processes and Relationship Management

Additionally, I propose a training program to develop the Executive Functions of individuals.