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Alessandro Vergendo

Ed.D of Educational and Training Sciences, Master’s degree in Neuro-Management for Organizations. Facilitator in Human Resources

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Performance in Business

Managers and corporate teams require the right knowledge, training, and methods to harness their talents and efficiently and effectively achieve their objectives.

Seminars and Speeches

Through corporate seminars and speeches, I present my model that has helped top sports champions, their teams, managers, and their teams reach peak performance.

Performance in Sports

Performance in Sports Working alongside top champions and sports teams, both Italian and international, to achieve peak performance

The real expert ? The professional themselves !

Who I am

CEO and Chairman of VEGA Consultancies LLC, Ed.D of Educational and Training Sciences, Master’s degree in Neuro-Management for Organizations. Facilitator in Human Resources, Expert Professional Counselor, trainer and coach.

I am a fortunate professional because I have the opportunity to work and engage daily with high-level professionals and organizations. Every day, I grow alongside my clients, and there is an extraordinary exchange of knowledge and experiences that make my intervention and work unique.

My work is based on constant interaction with scientific research and direct field experience alongside entrepreneurs, champions, and teams. Working with these exceptional professionals and international-level sports and corporate teams is one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding and motivating jobs for a professional like me. I work behind the scenes to provide tools and knowledge to the true expert: the professional themselves!

My experience and pedagogical training in the fields of education and training have taught me to be clear and practical with my clients, providing them with practical tools to achieve their goals and peak performance.

Today, what is crucial is the interaction and synergy with the scientific world of social neuroscience for actions carried out with method and programming. My task is complete when I make my clients autonomous, when the Deep Inside® – State of mind method becomes part of their DNA

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Alessandro Vergendo
The collaboration with Alessandro Vergendo began in the 2017-18 season and originated from the search for a partnership that led to the development of various protocols for the athlete's mental training to manage various types of stress. Simultaneously, an innovative training program was established involving apnea training and various respiratory techniques, with the purpose of serving as complementary activities to our specific discipline and assisting in athletic preparation. In Alessandro, I recognize a competent and valuable professional capable of guiding the athlete to understand their mental resources, enabling them to face any sports performance and manage their sports life appropriately.
Corrado Momo
CT Spanish National Alpine Ski Team
Alessandro Vergendo

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The method

The Facilitation of Peak Performance with the Deep Inside® – State of Mind method is based on innovative work that has its roots in neuro-cognitive enhancement through neuroassessment protocols and targeted scientific monitoring aimed at training the mental skills of the professional.

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Alessandro Vergendo