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Training for top managers

Among the main strategic skills to develop in the coming years, as identified by the survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, we find metacognitive abilities such as analytical skills and problem-solving approaches, as well as self-management. Self-management encompasses active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, flexibility, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence.

Furthermore, in the context of a lifelong learning program, assessing the executive functions of workers in organizational settings, along with specific neuroenhancement programs, becomes a fundamental goal to ensure professionals’ well-being within teams (wellness & wellbeing – relaxation, empowerment, peak performance, stress reduction, and management). This fosters innovation and facilitates better productivity.

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Technical-Analytical Skills:

Enhancement of skills related to work experience through training in selective attention, cognitive flexibility, workload capacity, and working memory.

Metacognitive Skills

Development of higher-order cognitive processes, such as executive functions (EF), problem-solving, strategic planning, decision-making, and learning flexibility...

Relational Skills:

Growth in emotional empathy regarding one's own and others' emotional states, cognitive empathy in taking others' perspectives, and the ability to manage social interactions.

The top manager is like an Olympic athlete, the leader of their team. They must know how to facilitate the expression of talents and be generative of peak performance.

Alessandro Vergendo


Self-Regulation Skills:

Enhancement of self-regulation skills, optimization of stress responses, and improvement of relational and motivational processes in the corporate context.

Team Empowerment

Mental Skills Enhancement (focus, state of activation management, self-talk), Executive Functions, Emotional Intelligence, and Member Relationship Skills.

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Increased Productivity:

Improvement of internal company performance in terms of digital learning, stress reduction, and peak performance. Well-being: more well-being, innovation, and productivity.

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