Sermedia srl & Deep Inside-state of mind

A day spent with managers and CEOs representing 20 extraordinary companies from Parma and their respective fields of expertise. These managers are also part of the international network of BNI Global.

I am honored to have been chosen, along with Rosarita Gagliardi for this training and grateful to Sermedia srl for the opportunity to work with these professionals. Along with Sara Morini the challenge was to organize a team-building event with an innovative formula that could provide practical tools for mental training to enhance executive functions useful for the involved managers.

It was an immersive day also useful for training focus, emotional regulation, and self-awareness, giving the present managers practical tools to use in their daily lives and work performances.

Sermedia’s DNA is based on organizing great events and providing unforgettable experiences. In this occasion, in synergy with VEGA consultancies, it’s safe to say that breathtaking emotions were experienced.

Thanks to Sara Morini and CHRISTIAN ROGNONI for their contribution.

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