Emotional Experience with Seven & Seven

The field of design in architecture and engineering operates at a hectic pace, with high and challenging expectations for results. Professionals face intense pressures, and, much like in sports performance, handling demanding projects requires mental training to achieve goals.

For these reasons, I was called, alongside Rosarita Gagliardi, by Seven Architettura to execute an innovative team-building project.The project came to life through various practical experiences of “Emotional Experience.”

Two intense days of Deep Inside-State of Mind mental training methodology, during which the team literally immersed themselves in the experiences. A special training beyond traditional norms, held at Y-40 The Deep Joy, to achieve corporate performance and well-being goals.

I thank CEO and Chairman Fabrizio Cerrai, and the entire team and professionals at Seven Architettura for their trust and the wonderful experience. A special thanks for his extraordinary contribution as an entrepreneur in the world of catering and tourism to Kosmas Kaisaridis
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