Be water my friend !

“Be water, my friend…” – from Bruce Lee’s famous quote to the mindset of those who launch themselves onto the ice at speeds of 145 km/h with accelerations close to 4 G. This is the pursuit of perfection by Giovanni Marchetti, who trains in various forms of water, from the liquid in the sea in Rhodes, to the thermal waters of Montegrotto at Y-40 The Deep Joy, and finally to the ice tracks of the races.

It means having great self-awareness and the ability to control oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This year, alongside the team of Giovanni Marchetti from the Skeleton National team we will be focusing on mental preparation in the Deep Inside-State of Mind. As part of mental preparation, there will also be the work of Rosarita Gagliardi for breath training and apnea training. VEGA Consultancies L.L.C. Human Resources Facilitators FISI – Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali

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